Space Resources

Quest! Home of Nasa's K-12 Internet Initiative

Truly Awesome! NASA's K-12 Internet site. Online interactive projects include Mir space station, Live from Mars, Women of NASA. "ask-a-scientist" and "chats" with profiled astronauts. Many links to resources, including "Teaching with the Internet": multiple resource links supporting internet use in the classroom.

NASA Kids Club

Find activities and information about rockets, astronauts, space exploration, space shuttles, solar system, and galaxies.

NASA for Kids

Great place for kids to start investigating space. NASA has an extensive web site and this portion is geared towards kids. Lots of activities with space and beyond, rockets and airplanes, games and activitites and pioneers and astronauts.

For Kids Only - Earth Science Enterprise

Learn about NASA earth science projects related to air, thunderstorms, the earth's crust, tropical rainfall and water. Sponsored by NASA's Earth Science ...

Space for Kids in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

This Internet directory for K-2 students includes dozens of educator-reviewed Web sites on the universe, solar system, stars and space exploration.

Arty the Astronaut

This site has a bunch of online activities, games, and quizzes with a space theme, plus a teachers' (and parents') section with activities to print out. The site requires the Flash 5 plug-in, and the teachers' section used the Adobe Acrobat plug-in. There is a store that sells Arty the Astronaut CD-ROMS and posters, but no advertising. Kindergarteners will need someone to help read the text.

Star Child: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

Information about the solar system and universe is presented on two levels of sophistication. Includes a glossary and sound files so your computer can read the text to you. is an extensive site dedicated to space and all space-related subjects. It focuses on news, information, education and entertainment. maintains as central to its core mission the strongest possible support of education with a particular focus on mathematics and natural sciences, grades K-12.

Earth From Space

Astronaut's views of the home planet. View colorful photos, taken by US astronauts, of the planet's landscapes, cities, weather patterns, and habitats. Includes a factsheet.

Amazing Space

S.C.O.R.E. site. Web-based activities for all to enjoy. Learn about stars, comets, planets, galaxies and other space objects. Grades 3-12


NASA's Observatorium is a public access site for Earth and space data. We have pictures of the Earth, planets, stars, and other cool stuff, as well as the stories behind those images.

The Space Place

Lots of spacey things to make or do. Resources for kids, parents and teachers. Design and build a "Nano-rover" at this NASA Jet Propulsion Lab interactive site. Nano-rovers are vehicles built for use on asteroids and other astrological bodies for remote roving in outer space.

The Nine Planets

A multi-media tour of the Solar System.