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Halloween Costume Movie From Mr. Lentz


New Drop Off System

Thank you for making an effort to ease traffic in the parking lot.  We appreciate the cars moving forward as far as possible and not stopping by the first gate.  We have seen an improvement!

School Board Head Lice Policy Revised

At their October 9th meeting, the South Bay Union School District revised their no nit head lice policy. You can view a copy of the revised policy here.

The Importance of Sleep

Many behavior issues we see at school, and even academic success, depends on a good night’s sleep.  Here are some tips to help ensure your child is rested and ready for school:

  • Establish a routine
  • Have a quiet spot for your child
  • Make sure sleep is uninterrupted
  • Do not let your child have sweets right before bedtime
  • Exercise early in the evening
  • Students in these grades need between 10-12 hours of sleep!
  • Maintain sleep routine on week-ends

Panda Press Issue #6

The sixth Issue of our newsletter Panda Press for the 2014-2015 school year is now available online.

download newsletter

Child Passenger Safety Program

Child Passanger Safety

Download a flyer here.

Cross Country Information

Several Pine Hill students have gained experience at Cross Country meets this past week.  The first meet was at Mad River Beach, all in the deep sand with obstacles of tubes, hay, and pipes! The next was a beautiful course at Clam Beach, under perfect conditions of sun and hard sand. These runners are displaying great sportsmanship, determination, and effort.  Way to go, Pandas!


We had a great assembly on Frida, October 3 with “Quack and Wabbit”.  Ask your child what lessons they learned while watching this entertaining puppet show.  Our students were fantastic audience members. 

Bedtime Math

We often hear of the importance of reading to our children, but what about reading a math problem together, and trying to solve it?  Bedtime Math is a great program to share the importance and fun of math with your child. This website offers a math question of the day for you to discuss and solve…at bedtime!  Check it out!

7 Simple Tips to Help Your Child Read


  1. Make reading time a regular activity at a specific time each day.
  2. Change how you read together.  It doesn’t always have to be child reading to parent.  Read to them.  Take turns.  Read together.
  3. Pause, prompt, and praise. Don’t say the word right away if   they are stuck.
  4. Not every single word has to be correct.
  5. Talk about what you are reading!
  6. Be seen as a reader.
  7. Make it fun!

Budget Workshop PowerPoints

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation given by Lyn Kerr

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation given by Gary Storts

Important Announcements

We are closing the gate closest to the cafeteria.  Families will need to drive all the way forward and drop their child off so they enter at the main gate.  We hope this eases congestion, thus allowing for a safer parking lot. 

Upcoming Events

October 7 - Site Council Meeting

October 8 - Early Release, 1:30 Dismissal

October 8 - School Board Meeting, 7:00 @ SB

Grade K Overview | Common Core Mathematics

Kindergarten students learn to count to 100 and write numbers to 20. Attention is given to numbers 11-20 where emphasis is placed on tens and ones while building a foundation for place value understanding. Beginning addition and subtraction starts in kindergarten. Students sort and classify groups of objects and identify basic shapes.

• Know number names and be able to count to 100

• Write numbers 0 – 20

• Learn about numbers 11-20, with tens and ones

• Count objects to tell the number of things in a group up to 20

• Compare numbers and groups

• Understand that addition is putting together groups and adding to groups

• Understand that subtraction is taking apart groups and taking from groups

• Fluently add and subtract within 5

• Understand concepts of time (morning, afternoon, evening, etc.)

• Know about the tools that measure time (clock, calendar, etc.)

• Sort objects into groups


Cross Country Schedule


Download the schedule as a pdf here.

Schedule for 2014 Cross Country Season
Divisions:  K-2; 3-5; 6-8; Boys and Girls Separated
Race directors may change the division. Boys and girls may be run together, but scored separately.
DATE                         RACE/LOCATION                                                               TIME             
Thurs, Sept 18           Rio Dell Run, Rio Dell Elementary, Center Street          4:00 PM
                                    Josh Quintal:  764-5694;   

Thurs, Sept 25           Arcata Marsh, Jacoby Creek School                                   4:00 PM
                                    S. I St., West of Klopp Lake, Chris Sundeen

Sun, Sept 28              Waterfront Run: Youth Cross County Challenge             10:00 AM
                                    Karen Brooks: 822-7736 or

Thurs, Oct 2               Pacific Union Run:                                                               4:00 PM
                                    Molly Wasko: 822-4619;

Sat, Oct 4                    Clam Beach Run:  South entrance to Clam Beach          $5.00
                                    9:30-High School; 11:00-K-2nd & 3rd-5th; 11:30 6th/7th/8th   per
                                    Jason Lewis: 661-401-0390;     runner

Tues, Oct 7                 Open:                                                                                     4:30 PM

Sat, Oct 11                  CASA Kid Walk-Wharfinger Building                                10:00 AM
                                    See the attached flier,

Tues, Oct 14               Cutten Run:  Winship Middle School                               4:00 PM
                                    Rachel Pesch:   834-1004; 

Thurs, Oct 16             Pumpkin Run:  Rohner Park, Fortuna                               4:00 PM
                                    Lanore Bergenske:  725-5197;
Thurs, Oct 23             Cross Country Championships                                           4:15 PM
                                    Arcata Community Center
                                    Mike Pigg and the City of Arcata

For any questions:
Jack West:                 677-3655;
Reed Elmore:            502-9545;

Meet The Principal

MEET THE PRINCIPAL this Thursday prior to Back to School Night between 5:30 – 6:00 in the front foyer near office. Or, stop by the office anytime during school hours. 

                        Principal Beall’s contact information:
                        Cell: 407-5621
                        Office Phone: 443-4596

Principal Tami Beall is returning to Humboldt County from Mount Shasta.  She is excited to help lead a team of amazing teachers and an energetic, professional staff devoted to your child’s education. She has 3 children, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and enjoys running, swimming, and everything to do about education! Ms. Beall is beyond delighted to be at Pine Hill Elementary!


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Absences and Tardies

Please be sure your child attends school, each and every day.  We have 179 days to prepare your child for the next grade.  Every day is important.  Plan appointments for after school, or at least later in the day, if at all possible.  Make every effort to have him/her arrive at school on time. Being here on time sets the tone for the day.  Frequently, rich instruction takes place immediately after the bell rings. We don’t want your child to miss out! 

Common Core State Standards

Teachers will be delivering instruction based on the Common Core State Standards.  Student collaboration, engagement, and high expectations are emphasized.  Students will learn math conceptually, close-read, and be exposed to problem solving in group settings.  If you would like to discuss CCSS further, contact your child’s teacher, or talk to Principal Beall.  It is an exciting time in education!


Visitor Policy: For your safety and the safety of our students, once school begins at 8:25am, all visitors and volunteers, including parents and families are required to register in the office, then obtain and wear a badge while on campus. Please return the badge sign out when leaving. All of our staff have been trained to check for a visitor’s badge and will ask visitors to sign in at the office. Again, this is to ensure your safety and the safety of our students. Thank you for your cooperation.

When dropping off and picking up students, please be safe in our parking lot.  Please DO NOT stop in the drive through lane to drop off students.  If no parking spots are available on the left or in the drop off lane, please park on the street or come back around.  Stopping in the drive through lane is dangerous for our students.  It can back up the parking lot, often all the way onto the street.  Please do not leave your car unattended in the drop off lane. 

Another reminder, school does not open until 7:30 am.  For safety reasons, please do not drop off students before that time as there is no supervision.  Thank you very much for your cooperation

Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

Mr. Lentz

Thank you Mr. Lentz's class for being Safe, Respectful and Responsible at our school assembly last Friday. Way to Go!

darby class

Thank you Mrs. Darby's class for being Safe, Respectful and Responsible in our school library. Way to Go!

Congratulations to Mrs. Blanchard's class for exhibiting good behavior in or near the bathrooms.


Congratulations Mrs. Pitlock's class for being safe respectful and responsible in our cafeteria. This week we will focus on bathroom expectations.


Great Job Mr. Haase's class for being safe, respectful and responsible on the school playground.

lindbloom room8

We would like to congratulate Mrs. Lindblom's class for Being Safe, Respectful and Responsible in our cafeteria. Great Job!

storrar class

September 15 - Mrs Storrar's class received the Panda of the Week for displaying great behavior on the playground! Congratulations 1st graders.


Sept 8th class of the week. Thank you Ms. Scalvinis class for being safe respectful and responsible on the school campus. Good job!


For the last several weeks, everyone on our staff has been handing out Panda Paws to students “caught’ being safe, respectful and/or responsible. Students have been saving up Panda Paws and Privilege Points to use in our Privilege Shop and the day finally arrived last Thursday. Students visited the shop to “spend” their paws and points. 

They were very excited as they used their math skills and shopped for special treasures.  The children are starting to collect more Panda Paws and Privilege Points for future visits to the shop. It will open again in the weeks ahead. Go Pandas!


Download a full sized poster here.

Attendance Policy

Not only does the school lose valuable funding when your child has unexcused absences, research shows students who attend school regularly learn more & are more successful in school than students who do not. When families make regular attendance a priority, they are helping their children learn to be responsible, an important skill for success in life.

Attendance patterns are formed at a young age. Children who form good attendance habits now will have a greater chance of continuing those habits throughout their school years. Students who are late or absent miss out on carefully planned lessons that are given in sequence. Student learning is cumulative.  Each lesson is built on those that preceded it.  When students aren’t there, they begin to fall behind. If the pattern continues, they are more likely to drop out. We hope you will continue to let your child know how important it is to be at school and to be on time.

Because attendance is so important, we will review attendance twice per trimester.  Families will be notified and/or asked to meet with school officials if unexcused absences or tardies fall below acceptable. Students from other districts may have their inter-district transfer cancelled if they are not able to maintain good attendance.

Excused absences include illness, medical and dental appointments, family emergencies, funerals and required court appearances.  Please call and let us know and we will mark the absence excused. If students will be out of school for more than 5 days, an Independent Study may be arranged. Work is assigned for students to complete during their absence, for example if the family is out of town.  

Please call our office if you have questions.

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Adult English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

Our English Language teacher, Linda Dionne, will offer an ESL class Thursday evenings beginning next Thursday, October 10, 6:30 to 8:00pm at Pine Hill.  For more information, call our office at 443-4596.

School Site Council

It is part of the California Education Code that each school has a School Site Council (SSC) made up of parents, community members, teachers, classified staff and administration.  The role of the SSC is to decide upon and monitor the Single Plan for Student Achievement, a plan that designates the priorities for spending funds at each site.  Pine Hill’s first SSC meeting of the year will be Tuesday, October 15th at 2:30pm.  As some parents have “graduated” to South Bay, we will need new parents for our Site Council.  Please come if you can and find out more about this very important role.  Everyone is welcome.

Positive Behavior Support

We have begun implementing our Positive Behavior Support Plan throughout the district.  The main themes are Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful. All of our behavior expectations are now based on these three main ideas. At Pine Hill, we will begin teaching students the agreed upon behavior expectations during October. We will have several assemblies and training sessions to help them better understand our new expectations.  We will also be sending information home and posting ideas on our website to keep families informed.

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Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)

This year the State Legislature and Governor have agreed on a new way to fund public schools in California.  From this year forward, schools in California will receive additional funding through a new formula, known as the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Schools will receive the regular amount per student, known as the Base Grant, and in addition, a Supplemental Grant.
The Supplemental Grant will provide an extra 20% of the Base Grant amount for every student that is:

  1. Eligible to receive a free or reduced-price meal (Application Process)
  2. Classified as an English Learner
  3. Foster youth

In order to get the most money for our school, we need every parent/guardian who qualifies to complete the application for free and reduced-priced meals, even if your child never plans to eat a school lunch.

***This is really important, because every approved application will provide additional funding to your child’s education. ***

Free and Reduced Lunch Application – Approximately 65% of the students in South Bay receive either a free or a reduced priced meal.  The application for free and reduced-price meals and the income eligibility guidelines is available in our school office and on our school website –  A family of four that makes less than $43,568 per year will qualify for a reduced lunch.  Please check the chart below to see if you qualify. Proof of income is not required to determine eligibility. If your child lives in two households, you may use either household’s income to meet the eligibility requirements. If your income changes during the school year, please consider reapplying.

South Bay School Lunch Program

School Lunches: About 85% of the students at South Bay School eat a school lunch every day. Some students bring a lunch, others pay either the full or reduced price, and others receive a free lunch. The school secretary knows how each student pays for their lunches in order to manage the school lunch program; the kitchen staff, teachers, and other staff do not know this information, and neither do the students.

Paying for Lunch: Each student is expected to pay for their lunch before ordering it. Students can pay for their lunches in the school office. School lunches cost either $2.05 at a full price or $.40 at a reduced price and include the main course, side dish, milk and salad bar. Parents are encouraged to pay in advance by sending cash or a check (made payable to South Bay School) with their student, or we also accept payment by mail to: 6077 Loma Drive, Eureka, CA 95503.

Estimating lunch costs: The monthly school lunch menu is typically sent home a week before the new month begins. Parents are encouraged to look over the menu with their student and estimate the number of lunches the student will order at school. A student who eats school lunch every day will spend $10.25 for a five-day week and $41 for a full month of 20 school days.

Lunch Account Balances: Each student has an account set up on the school information system that will automatically deduct the funds from his/her account each day after lunch is served. Parents can obtain a current balance by contacting the school office at 443-4828 or by email at  A balance remaining at the end of the school year is automatically rolled over to the next school year unless you request a refund of the balance. The school office will contact the parent/guardian of a student who has a school lunch account in the negative with the amount owed to the school. If the amount owed exceeds $50, the student will not be allowed to receive a school lunch.

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New Family Handbook Available Now

The South Bay Union School District 2013 - 2014 Family Handbook For Pine Hill Elementary School is now ready for distribution. You can get a pdf of the Family handbook here.

School Menus

Use the school menu page to view menus online or download a pdf to print at home.

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YouTube Channel

YouTubeMr. Lentz has created a YouTube channel called Pine Hill Studios. He has uploaded three (3) more movies.


School Newsletters

Download the February 2014 newsletter here.

The kindergarten teachers all send home a weekly newsletter. Click here to see, read, and/or download the kindergarten newsletter.

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Class Web Sites

Teachers are encouraged to create class web sites to enhance home/school communication.

School Board Meetings

Click here to go to the school board page.

Dates To Remember


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