Kenya Links

Kenya flagPlease let us know if any of the links below do not work or if they contain objectionable materials. Also, if you have better links, please share them with us. Email the webmaster.

Kenya Beasts
A small interesting site telling about some of the animals to be found in Kenya.

TIME for Kids: Kenya,12405,182117,00.html
A nice little site that is simple, attractive and easy to use.

CyberSlueth Kids: Kenya
Link page for kids about Kenya. See the banknotes of Kenya along with country specific information. Also find out more about the culture of Kenya.

Official Kenyan Embasy Web Site
Welcome to The Washington DC Kenyan Embassy Web Site.Through this site you should find helpful information on obtaining Visas to Kenya, planning Safari's, learning about investment opportunities and more information on Kenya.

Simple, easy-to-use site. Most appropriate for Kindergartners and parents. Four main areas are: maps, photo gallery, Kenyan wildlife and taxonomy and useful Swahili.

Tim and Laura Beth's Kenya
Highly recommended, what a web site should be. This is a very full and feature rich site.

Tim Beth lived in Kenya for 14 years. Site has information on the history, people, language, geography, culture, sports, travel, the national anthem (audio file and sheet music). Includes Swahili sayings, riddles, Swahili translations of Christmas carols and hymns, recipes, graphics of postage stamps, music, etc

Jen's Finke's Traditional Music and Culture of Kenya
Wonderful site with over 100 fullyannotated, full-length sound clips covering thirty different peoples.

Karibu Kenya! Welcome to the world's only website dedicated to traditional Kenyan music and culture, with hundreds of pages on tribal history, traditions, religion, ritual and dance. Inside, you'll find comprehensive essays on everything from oral histories, society and social structures, religions and beliefs, rituals and ceremonies, fables, myths, legends, riddles and proverbs, and - of course - music and dance. In addition, there are hundreds of photos, and over one hundred full-length, fully-annotated sound clips, covering almost every aspect of traditional life, from Pokot wedding blessings to Turkana rain songs, Luo rhythms for working in the fields, Taita spirit possession drumming, Maasai bragging about successful cattle raids, Samburu imitating their cattle (in dance rather than sound!), Somalis praising their warriors... and a whole lot more. Please enjoy it.

Kenya Birds
Kenya has a very diverse geography with a bit of everything; from volcanic plains, hot springs, soda lakes and desert, to evergreen coastal, cool montane or intermediate rain forests. Add to this the grassy plains of the Maasai Mara and you can see why the country hosts a massive 1,100 species of birds
This site bills itself as the definative internet resource for Kenya. Resources include: HISTORY, Chronology of Kenyan History; TRAVEL GUIDE, Parks -Hotels -Tour Operators; POLITICS, Parties - Succession -Elections; ECONOMY, Trade -Economy -Policies -Markets; SPORTS, Safari Rally -Soccer -Golf -Cricket; MEDIA, Television -Radio -Print -Magazines; REGIONS, Provinces -Districts -Geography; AGENCIES, NGO's -UN -Diplomatic Missions; HEALTH, Hospitals -Pharmacies -Veterinary, GOVERNMENT, Office of the President -Ministries; EDUCATION, Primary -Secondary -Universities; HORTICULTURE, Flowers - Fruits -Vegetables; PEOPLE, Hunters & Gathers -Cushites -Nilotes; FLIGHT TIME-TABLE, Kenya Airways -British Airways; COMPUTERS, ISP - User Groups - Associations; AGRICULTURE, Farmers -Markets -Cash Crops; EXHIBITIONS, Conferences -Events and more; KIDS, Jokes - Fun & Games - Lots more...

Kenya Wildlife Service
On behalf of the Government of Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Service holds in trust for present and future generations locally, nationally and globally the biological diversity represented by its extraordinary variety of animals, plants and ecosystems ranging from coral reefs to alpine moorlands and from deserts to forests. Special emphasis is placed on conservation of large mammals found in few other places on earth.

Jambo Kenya
News, Weather, Links, and Travel Information for East Africa. A very extensive resource, perhaps more than most would need but lots of resources for the interested family member.

English or Espanol. Beautiful and easy to use site. Very rich in photographs and artwork as well as standard infomation.

National Museums of Kenya
Site linking to the National Museums of Kenya. Links to: Exhibitions, Activities & Events, Galleries, Visitor Information, Resources for Researchers, Regional Museums, Sites & Monuments, Related Activities, Tourist Information and Institute of Primate Research.

Kenya Tourism Board
The highlight of this site is a library of 255 thumbnail photographs.

Kenya Daily
Current events and news of Kenya. Very up-to-date and extensive site.


Bwanazulia's Swahili Lesson
BZ's Swahili Lesson - What can I say.. it is good.

Penn State Swahili Links
An extensive list to all things Swahili.

The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary
The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary is a collaborative work by people all over the world. Together we are working to establish new dictionaries of the Swahili language, both within Swahili and between Swahili and English.

Kiswahili Home Page
Kiswahili (or Swahili) is an African language spoken mainly by the people of eastern and central Africa. That is, people who live in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Zaire, northern Zaire, nothern Malawi, northern Mozambigue, nothern Zambia and Somali Republic.

Swahili Language and Culture
Please use this website to get more acquainted with the Swahili language and culture. Please use the navigation bar on the left to view a page of your interest. Have fun!

Learn Kiswahili Online
Simple Lists of Swahili words. Links to other sites.