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Dear Families,

As many of you are aware, the City of Weed suffered a huge loss when a fire swept through the town, leaving 150 families homeless.  Most of these families have school-aged children.  They have nothing left.  This happened at the school where our principal worked at last year.  It is a wonderful community of special people.

Pine Hill Elementary would like to show we care by collecting pennies and/or donations.  Bring your pennies to your teacher or the office by next Friday, Sept. 26th.  If you are sending donations, the items in need include school supplies, jackets, toys, toiletries, blankets, etc. The winter is approaching and it gets very cold there.   The closest stores are Ray’s and Walmart, so gift cards are also a good idea.

We will send around a poster for each student and staff member to sign their name. Thank you for showing Weed Elementary School how much we care.

Principal Beall

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Panda Press Issue #3

The third Issue of our newsletter Panda Press for the 2014-2015 school year is now available online.

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Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

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September 15 - Mrs Storrar's class received the Panda of the Week for displaying great behavior on the playground! Congratulations 1st graders.

First Assembly of the Year

Thank you to SAL STEINBERG for performing at our first assembly.  Sal “juggled” his way into our hearts.  What a great show.  The children LOVED it, as well as the adults!

7 Simple Tips to Help Your Child Read

From: momadvice.com

  1. Make reading time a regular activity at a specific time each day.
  2. Change how you read together.  It doesn’t always have to be child reading to parent.  Read to them.  Take turns.  Read together.
  3. Pause, prompt, and praise. Don’t say the word right away if   they are stuck.
  4. Not every single word has to be correct.
  5. Talk about what you are reading!
  6. Be seen as a reader.
  7. Make it fun!

Picture Day is September 26

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Grade K Overview | Common Core Mathematics

Kindergarten students learn to count to 100 and write numbers to 20. Attention is given to numbers 11-20 where emphasis is placed on tens and ones while building a foundation for place value understanding. Beginning addition and subtraction starts in kindergarten. Students sort and classify groups of objects and identify basic shapes.

• Know number names and be able to count to 100

• Write numbers 0 – 20

• Learn about numbers 11-20, with tens and ones

• Count objects to tell the number of things in a group up to 20

• Compare numbers and groups

• Understand that addition is putting together groups and adding to groups

• Understand that subtraction is taking apart groups and taking from groups

• Fluently add and subtract within 5

• Understand concepts of time (morning, afternoon, evening, etc.)

• Know about the tools that measure time (clock, calendar, etc.)

• Sort objects into groups

Important Announcements

  • Please do not park in the bus zone!
  • Our new check-in system is working out well!  Thanks to Debbie for training our staff and parents on this new device.

Upcoming Events

September 10

Early Release: 1:30

September 11

Parent Volunteer Meeting at 2:00
School Board Meeting @ Pine Hill at 7 pm

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School Menus

Use the school menu page to view menus online or download a pdf to print at home.

Absences and Tardies

Please be sure your child attends school, each and every day.  We have 179 days to prepare your child for the next grade.  Every day is important.  Plan appointments for after school, or at least later in the day, if at all possible.  Make every effort to have him/her arrive at school on time. Being here on time sets the tone for the day.  Frequently, rich instruction takes place immediately after the bell rings. We don’t want your child to miss out! 

Navigating the Site

To find out more about what is going on at Pine Hill School, click here to go to the News page orclick on the NEWS button. To contact the school or personnel at the school click here to go to the Contact page or click on the CONTACT button. Finally we have the Resources page which has listings of documents, menus, schedules, web sites, and other items of interest.

Mission Statement

  • Prepare today's students to succeed in tomorrow's world by doing the following:
  • Provide a safe and nurturing school environment
  • Instill the basic skills necessary to prepare students for secondary education
  • Instill in students a sense of global awareness and civic responsibility
  • Instill in students problem solving skill in a technological world and a desire to become lifelong learners.